Musings on a Monday

Since I started this blog, I’ve neglected it.  I have ideas for posts, but have a hard time fleshing them out.  In the meantime, lists are my favorite so these are some of my favorite things lately!

1.  I’ve noticed a LOT of blog posts and articles about body acceptance, positive weight gain, and the like.  After two and a half years in retail, I started a desk job six months ago, with over an hour commute each way.  Hours of sitting, less time for the gym, and constant office catering have added more than a few pounds to my waistline.  My arms are not nearly muscular as they were a year ago and I suddenly actually need a bra again.  While I cannot say that I am completely comfortable with my current body, it is what it is, and I’d rather have a few “extra” inches on my frame than be as miserable, constantly cold, and have a body resembling that of a 10-year-old boy ever again.  With that, the recent surge in ACTUAL healthy and NORMAL body weight, composition, and eating articles I’ve read have really helped me.  Here are a few:

2.  I really want to start cooking and baking a lot more.  I get so lazy and tired through the work week.  Usually I cook/prep my lunches on Sundays, but dinner ends up being veggies and pita or crackers with hummus and cheese five nights a week.  Delicious, but boring.  I save and pin recipes like crazy without ever actually making any.  These are some I’ve saved in my Feedly reader that I’m going to make an effort in actually producing.

3.   Between locking my car and walking 10 feet to the trail on Sunday morning for my long run, I got stung by something inside my right ring finger.  Something buzzed a few times on my head so I reached up to swat it away, ended up grabbing it, and yelled a loud obscenity in front of a lot of people and their dogs.  When I was younger, I was stung by an unknown insect and developed hives so I naturally freaked out.  I don’t know what stung me then and I didn’t know what stung me yesterday.  Clearly I thought I was going to stop breathing, called my mom, jumped in my car and drove home to take Benadryl.  I calmed down, didn’t break out in hives, baked some pumpkin protein bars, and went back to the trail later.  I only ended up running 5.3 because my left foot was going numb.  My laces weren’t too tight and it hasn’t happened before sooooo that was super weird.


I jumped off my couch, screamed, and danced with joy.

5.  I just got called “Brandy.”  No.  No.  Learn to read.


101 in 1001

Inspired by Mackenzie at Design Darling 🙂

1. Start a new blog
2. Move out
3. Go on vacation with friends
4. Take a cooking lesson
5. Take a wine tasting class
6. Develop a recipe of my own
7. Find the perfect little black dress
8. Treat myself to a day at the spa
9. Read a book that intimidates me
10. Go on a picnic
11. Visit five New York museums
12. Find out my blood type and donate blood
13. Do an unassisted hand stand
14. Make five Pinterest crafts
15. Try five new foods
16. Plant a fruit or vegetable in my backyard
17. Get promoted
18. Volunteer for three charitable organizations
19. Get a tattoo
20. Start a retirement fund
21. Relearn how to knit
22. Revisit California
23. Visit 5 new states
26. Break my Half Marathon PR (1:57:57)
27. Go to Harry Potter World
28. Have an article published in a magazine (print or online)
29. Keep a one sentence daily journal
30. Enter a Master’s program
31. Adopt a puppy
32. Bake a cake and make icing from scratch
33. Own everything on Matchbook Magazine’s “50 Classics for Your Closet” checklist
34. Try five new-to-me workouts
35. Create a “Where I’ve Been” map
36. Learn how to code
37. Meet a celebrity
38. Read at least one book a month
39. Go on a “no-buy” month
40. Pay off my credit cards
41. Find the perfect white jeans
42. Run a 5k
43. Run a 10k
44. Plan and throw a dinner party
45. Join a CSA
46. Go to a wine and painting party
47. Get into crow pose
48. Make a watercolor painting
49. Make bread from scratch
50. Seriously purge my closet
51. Pay off my car
52. Eat at twenty new-to-me restaurants
53. Kick my diet soda habit
54. Sing at karaoke
55. Eat vegan for a week
56. Run an adventure race
57. Visit a zoo
58. Visit my friends in Boston
59. Visit friends in Philly
60. Win money at the casino
61. Explore a haunted house
62. Visit Ground Zero
63. Learn how to play chess
64. Send a postcard in to Post Secret
65. Send my mom flowers
66. Throw a surprise party for a friend
67. Make sushi
68. Join a professional network
69. Attend a Theta leadership conference
70. Cook five meals for my family
71. Go hiking
72. Camp out for at least a weekend
73. Go three separate months without repeating an outfit at work
74. Stop my nighttime mindless eating
75. Complete a New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle without help
76. Do not eat out/order food for three non-consecutive months
77. Get a tshirt blanket made
78. Do a deep clean and reorganization of my room twice a year
79. Go skiing
80. Workout 4 -5 times a week
81. Develop a skin care regimen
82. Have a fun New Year’s Eve
83. Learn how to resew a button
84.  Discover all of my “holy grail” makeup products
85.  Ride in a limo
86.  Eat vegetarian for a month
87.  Learn how to grill
88.  Save for and buy a new MacBook
89.  Do a 1-3 day juice cleanse
90.  Watch a movie in Bryant Park
91.  Make a drastic hair change
92.  Get a psychic reading done
93.  Track my spending for a month and set a budget
94.  Get a new stamp on my passport
95.  Eat zero processed foods for one week
96.  Go to a Broadway show
97.  Watch at least 25 movies on AFI’s 100 Movies in 100 Years list
98.  Do three consecutive unassisted pull-ups
99.  Do 12 non-knee pushups in a row
100.  Put $10 in savings for every goal I accomplish
101.  Make another 101 in 1001 list

Here we go!

Check up on my progress on my 101 in 1001 page.